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Kimono Yarn Weaving Kit ~ Musubi's handmade wooden frame loom and kimono yarn ~

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A set of wooden frame loom and muslin kimono yarn handmade by textile artist musubi.

・Crate loom ・Shuttle ・Warp yarn ・Fork for threading ・Muslin kimono yarn 2m x 10 types

You can weave fabrics up to about 15 cm x 25 cm.

coasters, luncheon mats,
When you have a favorite, you can decorate it with the wooden frame.
It is a kit that beginners can easily weave.

As soon as it arrives, you can set it up and start weaving♪

■ Wooden frame loom size Length 27 cm x Width 17 cm

About musubi
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A musubi located at the edge of Minami, Osaka.
With a livelihood of hataori, the hataori workshop opens at various department stores and events.
By chance, he opened a store in the craftsman tenement of Kabuki "Heisei Nakamuraza".
Based on the concept of fusion of tradition and modernity, we are developing one original in the world.