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Kimono Yarn Weaving Kit ~ Musubi's handmade wooden frame loom and kimono yarn ~

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This is a set of wooden frame loom and kimono yarn handmade by textile artist Musubi.

・Wooden frame loom ・Shuttle ・Warp threads ・Fork for gathering threads ・Kimono yarn (random color and pattern) 2m x 10 types

It can weave fabrics up to about 15cm x 25cm.

Coasters and placemats,
When you find one you like, display it in its wooden frame.
This is a kit that allows those who are new to weaving to easily try their hand at weaving.

Once you receive it, you can set it up and start weaving.

■Wooden frame loom size: 27cm length x 17cm width

About musubi
■ Instagram

Musubi is located on the edge of Minami, Osaka.
She makes her living from weaving, and sets up weaving workshops at department stores and events all over the country.
By chance, we were able to open a stall in the artisan tenement house of the Kabuki play "Heisei Nakamura-za."
Based on the concept of fusing tradition and modernity, we are developing original, one-of-a-kind products.