Kimono yarn born from kimono!

kimono yarn recipe

  • How to make fabric flowers

    You can make it right away with 1m of kimono yarn!
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  • flower coaster

    1st accessory making challenge
    Let's take advantage of the sleeping yarn at home!


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is kimono yarn?

Handmade material made from kimono that can no longer be worn and thrown away.
Kimonos are washed, unwound, cut, spliced and upcycled into yarn.

what shape?

Ribbon shape with a width of about 20 mm(0.79in).

What is the material?

Since it is made from real kimono, it is mainly pure silk,
There are also cotton, wool, linen, and mixed weaves.

what is it used for?

It can be used for various purposes such as knitting, weaving, making accessories and small items.

It can be knitted, woven, tied, or used as bias tape.
As an interior decoration, you can hang it down, arrange it as a T-shirt dress, change the wind chime strip,

It can also be used as a ribbon for wrapping.

For knitting, it is recommended to use crochet needles No. 8 to No. 10 for rough knitting.

Do you have a shop?

Currently sold only online.

We regularly hold events and direct sales, so please take a look at SNS etc.

What is the shipping cost?

At our company, shipping fees vary depending on the destination country. The shipping fee will be displayed when you purchase the product, so please check it before completing your order.

Is it available for commercial use?

yes. Available. No permission is required.

If you tag the account (@kimonoyarn) and post it on SNS etc., I will share it.

Can I choose a delivery company?

No. EMS only.


Please tell me about customs duties / taxes.

Please note that depending on your purchase quantity, your order may not be eligible for duty-free exemption. If duties apply, please be aware that these costs are the responsibility of the customer. Thank you for your understanding.

About shipping and shipping

We use EMS for shipping. Shipping costs vary depending on the delivery location and country. Shipping costs can be confirmed when purchasing products.

The time it takes for products to arrive varies depending on the destination country, but please note that it may take up to one week for us to ship the products.